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Energy Museum is closed between 13 and 17 July, 2022.

Energy Museum Educational Programs

Museum Visit Education for School Groups

You can visit Energy Museum with private guided tours that are tailored to visitors’ interests. Lasting for an hour, these tours can take place in Turkish in accordance with the visitor group’s request. Guided tour groups are limited to a maximum of 25 people. School group tours must be booked in advance. These tours take place at santralistanbul Energy Museum on every weekday at 11:00 or 14:00.


Summer Programs:

Energy Museum - Kid's Summer Art School

Age: 7-14

Dates: 18-29 July 2022

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18.07.202-Summer School Atelier Program:

10.00 - "Meet and Greet"

11.30 - "Exploring the Museum, Tell me about your Job!" within the scope of this workshop, children explore the Energy Museum, learn about its history, meet the people working in the museum departments and learn how they work.

13.00 - "Exploring the Playground" within the scope of this workshop, children discover and gain detailed information about each toy in the playground in the Energy Museum.

13.30 - "Drama and Storytelling Workshop with Hasan Parla" with this workshop, we aim at Children's ability to express themselves through drama develops. Great acceleration is gained in communication and interaction processes. In addition, they acquire many problem-solving skills with their creative thinking skills and their own experiences in improvisation and animation processes and gain experience with pretend processes. We will go to the summits of Olympus with Zeus and travel into the oceans' depths with a shark. We will take a lesson from each story.


19.07.202-Summer School Atelier Program:

10.30 - "Journey from Power Plant to Museum" within the scope of this workshop, they apply the transformation story of the area transformed from the Silahtarağa Power Plant to the Energy Museum through a model. In addition, they have a chance to open their first exhibition on a model.  

13.00 - "İlhan Koman Architecture and Light Workshop" within the scope of this workshop, kids learn about architectural stories and the effect of light on art, taking as reference the open-air sculpture of the world-famous Turkish artist İlhan Koman in santralistanbul. They produce their own works by taking references from İlhan Koman.  


20.07.202-Summer School Atelier Program:

10.30 - "Creative Thinking Workshop with Eda Albayrak Creativity"; It's an innate feature, a talent... It's within all of us. How does that unique originality that we call creativity in this training emerges? Together with our children, we will seek answers and embark on an enjoyable journey of discovery. We will let them discover themselves first and then their uniqueness. During the training, we will play creative intelligence games and learn to understand the game. While doing the exercises that will allow you to discover your own creativity, we will push the limits of the mind, and we will see that our creative intelligence develops day by day as we move patiently, curiously, and excitedly between lines and words.  

13.00 - "Contemporary Art Movements and Interpretation of Works" within the scope of this workshop, which repeats for 2 weeks, children learn about contemporary art movements and discover a famous work represented by each movement.


21.07.202-Summer School Atelier Program:

10.30 - "Drama and Storytelling Workshop with Hasan Parla"

13.00 - "View of the World from the Sky with Berkan Baycan" within the scope of this workshop, which is planned with reference to the production style of the pointillist artist Berkan Baycan, children meet the artist and learn about his story. Then, while looking at the world from the sky, they observe the lights and create their own works of art with this technique. 


22.07.202-Summer School Atelier Program:

10.30 - "Creative Thinking Workshop with Eda Albayrak"          

13.00 - "Hear the Music!" within the scope of this workshop, children discover the relationship between body and art in performing arts.


25.07.202-Summer School Atelier Program:

10.30 - "The Ancestor of the Video: Zoetrope"; a zoetrope or "wheel of life" is an analog animation device made before the advent of cinema. With the zoetrope, a motion effect discovered in the 19th century, before the video came out, children create their own zoetropes. After that, they start to explore the digital world that goes into art.

13.00 - "My Drawings are on Computer Workshop with Can Memişoğullar"; while working on paper with the artist Can Memişoğulları, who produces digital art in this workshop, children are going to witness the process of transferring it to the computer and then deforming the image they make.


26.07.202-Summer School Atelier Program:

10.30 - "Stop Motion Workshop" within the scope of this workshop, children discover that phones, which have an important place in our daily lives, can turn into art production tools and shoot their own stop motion films.

13.00 - "Drama and Storytelling Workshop with Hasan Parla"


27.07.202-Summer School Atelier Program:

10.00 - "Contemporary Art Movements and Interpretation of Works" 

13.00 - "From Pastoral World to Industrialisation" within the scope of this workshop, children learn about the transformation of mechanization and visual change in the world after the Industrial Revolution on art, and apply what they have learned with the collage technique.  


28.07.202-Summer School Atelier Program:

10.00 - "Natural Fabric Dyeing" within the scope of this workshop, children learn that the materials we use around us can actually turn into painting tools, while at the same time examining the causes of the global climate crisis we are in, and then preparing their own eco-friendly shopping bags with the natural painting technique.  

13.00 - "Creative Thinking Workshop with Eda Albayrak" 


29.07.202-Summer School Atelier Program:

10.30 - "Drama and Storytelling Workshop with Hasan Parla"

13.00 - "Contemporary Art Movements and Interpretation of Works" 

14.00 - "Creative Thinking Workshop with Eda Albayrak"  

15.00 - Graduation




From Power Plant to Museum…

Age: 9-14

Duration: 1 hour

Dates: 5-19 June 14:00

This place, which started its adventure as Silahtarağa Power Plant, is currently a museum that is part of İstanbul Bilgi University. During this  process, the building has undergone architecturale changes and metamorphoses that could turn its story toward another direction. So, how can we observe goal-oriented changes while creating an architectural structure? The major goal of this workshop is to examine how the spirit of a space changes over time, as well as how architectural spaces are transformed in relation to the purpose they serve. In the workshop, children enact the period ofchange Silahtarağa Power Plant underwent with a three-dimensional model design.  


From a Pastoral World to Factories…

Age: 6-9

Duration: 1 hour

Dates: 4-12-18-25 June 14.00  

While leaving behind the pastoral life due to the industrial revolution, the change began to be felt in all areas of human life. Not only the mode of production but also the singularity and originality of the product has changed and the concept of mass production has entered into our lives. As a result, the industrialization process, which actually began with the invention of the steam engine, has become a controversial topic among artists. So, how do children evaluate this situation?  


The Color of the World; Green and Blue

Age: 10-14

Duration: 1 hour

Dates: 11-26 June 14.00  

Our responsibilities have been increasing in a world where we have increased the temperature by 1.5 degrees with the effect of global warming. In this workshop, which is planned to revolve around the basic concepts that should have a place in our lives, children learn about the enviromental damage plactic waste and they design their own shopping bags with natural dyes.


A Renewable World (Online)

Age: 7-14 

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes 

In this online workshop that is planned for 7-14 age group, the goal is to help children learn and understand how energy is generated. Exploring sustainable energy sources, children listen to alternative suggestions to live in a greener world and look for solutions with us. The machine systems in the Energy Museum are depicted with photographs. Children need to attend this workshop with drawing paper and colorful crayons.

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Birthday Programs

In these workshop programs that can be planned for each age group, Energy Museum is explored. The goal is to learn while having fun.

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Education Program for Children with Superior Potential

In this program carried out with the collaboration between BİLGİ Education and Culture Foundation and Yüksel Education and Development Foundation of Turkey for Gifted Children, the educational models that are implemented for gifted children in many countries are implemented by an expert teaching staff. Our winter and summer period educational programs for gifted children are held at santralistanbul Campus.

It is an enrichment and differentiation program that has been developed in order to support the skills and talents of students in accordance with their interests and to fulfill their learning needs that they cannot fulfill in formal education. Students who would like spend their weekends efficiently and productively support their areas of interest with these programs and develop their intelligence and talents. Throughout the program, students are observed both emotionally and academically and they are supported with appropriate goals and gains for their improvement. Covering different fields, the program integrates different branches. In this way, coherence is provided between different fields and a multifaceted and holistic learning takes place. One of the goals of the program is to develop students’ social skills and emotional approaches.

The students that are included in the gifted group in accordance with the evaluation result of intelligence tests, which have been standardized in our country, are admitted to the program.

For detailed information and the program, you can send an e-mail to



For detailed information and registration, you can send an e-mail to