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On the Exhibition

January 05, 2008 14:30

Speakers:Ahu Antmen, Fulya Erdemci, Semra Germaner, Hasan Bülent Kahraman, Orhan Koçak, Ayla Ödekan, Zeynep Rona
Moderator:Haldun Dostoğlu

At the first panel discussion organised in conjunction with the “Modern and Beyond” exhibition, the basic approach, art historical formulation and spatial layout of the exhibition were discussed. The curators of the exhibition, Semra Germaner, Fulya Erdemci, Orhan Koçak and Zeynep Rona, as well as art critics Ahu Antmen, Hasan Bülent Kahraman and Ayla Ödekan attended the panel discussion as speakers which was moderated by Haldun Dostoğlu.

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January 05, 2008